Hangzhou Solar Composite's Energy Technology Co., Ltd, a company specialized in researching, manufacturing and distributing EVA film and related products, was founded in 2009. 

By affiliating with Zhejiang University, Solar Composite's successfully developed the highest-global standard EVA film which is specially used in sealing the photovoltaic cells. 

With a list of intellectual property right and innovative inventions, Solar Composite's commitment is to be the first class technology-based company and to sustainably supply our customers a more advanced and cost-effective EVA film.

Solar energy EVA Film SKB-825-W
Solar EVA film SKB-825-W
SKB-825-W is a white encapsulant specifically designed for the backside encapsulation of double-glass PV modules. It is ...
Solar energy EVA Film SKB-825-T
Solar EVA film SKB-825-T
SKB-825-T solar EVA film is applied to the solar cell module, plays the role of encapsulation, performs well in high ...
In April 19, 2016, the leaders of Tonglu city come to visit Hangzhou Solar Composites Energy Technology Co., Ltd. Th...
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